4 Effective Measures As A Cold Medicine For Children

The arrival of the rainy season often makes parents worried because children become vulnerable to disease, especially colds. From now on you do not need to panic anymore, because there are many ways you can try as a cold medicine for children. The desire of children to play in the rain may be obeyed, provided that occasionally. Not without reason, this pleasure risks bringing illness with cold symptoms. More than 200 viruses are ready to make your child and even all family members experience nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, or coughing. How to treat colds in children Many ways that can be used as a cold medicine for children, also to relieve the symptoms that arise. Among others are: Steam and warm shower One of the most common symptoms a child suffers from having a cold is nasal congestion. To alleviate this symptom, a warm bath can be an effective way to deal with a child's cold. In addition to making the body more comfortable because of the warm water tempera
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